Pre Wax Tips

  • Let your hair grow out for 3 weeks. Yes, you really have to. Letting it grow out ensures your hair is long enough to wax. When your hair is too short it can’t be pulled from the follicle and instead gets pulled on. Similar to having the hair on your head pulled. This hurts more and is pointless. When it’s grown out all three hair cycles are long enough and your waxing experience will be more comfortable.

  • Exfoliating two days before your wax will help remove excess skin making it easier for the wax to grab and thoroughly remove hair.

  • Taking a warm bath or shower right before you come in opens up your pores and makes the process slightly more comfortable.

  • Yes, it is absolutely okay to wax while pregnant!

  • Most importantly, Don’t freak out! I'm really really good at what I do. I will walk you through the entire process, which usually only takes about 10 minutes. YES 10 minutes, I'm that good.

Post Wax Tips

  • Come back in 4-5 weeks. This ensures we get your hair patterns trained to grow in at the same time and your hair will keep getting thinner and less of it will grow back.

  • Exfoliate some more! Keeping your skin free of dead skin cells helps prevent ingrown hairs and allows product to soak into your skin and make it gorgeous darling. I recommend a sugar scrub and a towel/rag. Loofahs and sponges hold bacteria, you don't want that on your skin. EVER.

  • Avoid working out for the first 24 hours after your wax. Your pores are wide open and you don’t want sweat and bacteria getting into your open pores. You should also avoid other things that involve sweat and body fluids. Ahem.

  • Wear lose clothing. It's important to let your skin breath. Cotton underwear is perfect.

  • Moisturize! We live in Colorado, keeping your skin moisturized will help promote cell turnover, and once again prevents ingrowns.

  • STOP SHAVING! When you shave you ruin your growth pattern that we worked so hard for! It makes your hair thick and blunt. There are so many more things you can do with your shower time, just say NO!

Education and Preparation

Can I wax if I am pregnant?


Absolutely! You will be slightly more sensitive because of the increased blood flow and hormone levels in your body. I recommend starting your waxes as early as possible so by the time you have baby your hair is thinner and finer making it easier to deal with after birth. Your waxes will also be more comfortable by the time your belly gets bigger.


Can I wax during my menstrual cycle?


Yes, you need to make sure to have a clean tampon in right before you come in. You will be slightly more sensitive because your body is full of hormones.


Why do you keep saying “Sync”? This isn’t iTunes.


It’s because I want all of your hair growth cycles to be synced so you get the best wax possible! The hair growth cycle consists of three different stages. All three stages occur simultaneously. This means any one hair can be in any stage at any one time. The anagen stage of hair growth is the most optimal time for waxing. The hair is still attached to the papilla and can be pulled out entirely causing it to take much longer to grow back! The catagen stage is when the hair is still in the follicle but no longer attached to the papilla. It’s getting ready to shed. In the telogen stage the hair is resting. Whatever that means. It’s not at all exciting for us.


Why is it so important to wait 3-4 weeks?


Your hair grows in three cycles. Typically a new cycle pops up about every week. If you ideally wait 4 weeks all of the hair cycles will be above your skin and long enough to wax! While waiting the 4 weeks it is crucial to leave it alone. Let it grow, let it GROW! Seriously. If you shave or tweeze you will throw off the hair cycles and I will lecture you.


Are there any age restrictions?


Only for a Brazilian Service. I do not wax anyone under the age of Eighteen for a Brazilian. I provide Bikini Services for teen girls as long as a parent is present. I recommend bringing a pair of underwear for during the wax. Underwear may not be removed during the service. All other services a parent needs to be present.



What are ingrown hairs?


Ingrown hairs occur when the hair either grows into the wall of its own follicle or the opening is blocked with skin, so it grows underneath. Post-care is important and maintaining consistency with waxing. Exfoliating and moisturizing help to prevent ingrown hairs.


What is exfoliating?


Exfoliation is an artificial way to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Our bodies do this naturally but the process slows as we age. We also live in Colorado, where it’s absurdly dry so usually people struggle with excess dryness. There are two types of exfoliation; Physical and chemical. Physical is a scrub or brush. Gentle ingredients are important here. Too rough of a scrub will damage your skin. I personally don’t care for brushes. They get gross after awhile and it’s bad for your skin.

Chemical exfoliants are usually more effective. They dissolve the cellular cohesion between skin cells and then allows the cells to shed. Exfoliating a few times a week will help prevent ingrowns. It also makes your skin look glowy and pretty.

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